Film Tourism in Jim Corbett national park

The production cost of filming movie, web series and documentary in Jim Corbett National Park is significantly lower compared to other National Parks in India. This is primarily due to the availability of facilities & Infrastructure related to filming, and you can cut down your production cost, expenses or general costs such as accommodation, transportation, equipment or human resources, Jim Corbett was only national park, which offered the best deals during Covid-19 safe film shooting in 2022. The River Resort with Pool, Lawn, Hall and vast outdoor provides a picturesque setting for film shooting in Jim Corbett National Park. Additionally, Kosi river, valley and surrounding low mountains make it an ideal location for shooting feature films, documentaries, reality shows and TV serials. Jim Corbett Uttarakhand Team covers every area of Jim Corbett to provides support to film producers, arranging shooting and events. Moreover, hassle-free permission for shooting and financial benefits add to the advantages of choosing Jim Corbett National Park as a filming location in Uttrakhand .
Featured Services for Music, Film & Web Series shooting in Jim Corbett National Park:
1. Complete guidance and help in getting approvals from ministries or concerned government departments.
2. Making arrangements for accommodation and transportation of crew members and filming equipments as well. You can make a selection from wide range of hotels and all sorts of vehicles as per your requirements.
3. We can arrange local artists, performers, dancers at the desired location.
4. If you are coming from non-English speaking country and need an escort or interpreter for communication Thais is organised by us.
5. We can also help arrange required infrastructure like studios, equipment, technicians, etc.
6. We can help you selecting most suitable locations for your film or documentaries and also help you booking bungalows or other shooting locations at different sites.
Thus we ensure smooth and unperturbed execution of your filming project and invite you to India for your forthcoming project. For any further guidance or assistance please write to us and give us a pleasure to help you.