White Water Rafting in Jim Corbett National Park ! Have you heard about it ?

Rafting looks exciting, a big rapid, a colorful rafter weaving a path through the river waves and all the randomness of white water. Wonder ? Just Imagine if you could be that person in raft, if you could look as graceful and have that much fun, being so much closer to the water than being on a raft. Jumping off from Raft in holy water of river Ganga and float on water ,even if you don't know swimming because you are wearing life jacket, We call it Body Surfing. If rafting has caught your eye and interest, and now you want to learn how to negotiate rapids and how to surf those waves and holes, Rishikesh can be your first choice in north India.
vanya Events & Expeditions is one of leading River Rafting operator in Uttarakhand with owned Rafting Camps in Corbett National Park near Kosi and Rishikesh, We offer Weekend Short Rafting Expeditions in Jim Corbett National Park in Kosi River from Mohan to Laduachaur & Rishikesh. As we all know that best and most thrilling rafting rapid is known as The Wall, Wall Down rafting starts from Kaudiyala and ends at Marinedrive or Rishikesh.
Body Surfing is another popular water sport in Kosi River that flows behind Vanya Rive Lodge passes through Corbett National Park is adventure activity one can indulge in while on the Corbett tour. Body surfing is an enthralling water sport in which you challenge the dangerous wave without any kind of buoyant device assistance like that of bodyboard or surfboard. Bodysurfers are only equipped with a pair of expert swimfins that stays during optimize propulsion and turbulent conditions. Wearing a planing surface on hand is also a common practice. This includes Wave Blades, Hand Paddles, Redwings and Hand Guns worn to accelerate the speed. However, river rafting and Body surfing in Jim Corbett is a seasonal water activity and it can only be best enjoyed during monsoon season in Corbett National Park, on a condition that there has not been a heavy rain, because then it become dangerous. River rafting and Surfing enthusiasts head to Jim Corbett during monsoons becuase rafting is close down in rishikesh that time.

Season Months :

Rishikesh - November to June End.
Corbett Park- July, August & September