When we say outdoor learning experience for students and Kids it is mainly a learning experience outside the class room. This includes the practices of experimental and environmental education. The collective goal of our outdoor and experimental camps in Ranikhet, Nainital and Jim Corbett for students and Kids is to offer a variety of teaching and learning opportunities to youth distinctive in their social and physical settings. The benefits of camp experiences to students and Kids for personnel growth, socialization and physical fitness, moral and ethnic awareness are well recognized by parents and guardians, educators, health professionals and clergy worldwide.

Summer-Winter camp benefits for Kids

Health and Wellbeing, Self-Esteem, Independence, Leadership, Friendship Skills, Adventure and Exploration, Environmental Awareness, Values and Decision making. Spirituality, Yoga & Meditation as learning is a continuous process and being reinforced in the minds of our youth to face stress & challanges in life to come. Additionally, learning beyond classroom settings is beginning to be seen as valuable adjuncts to traditional modes of teaching and new normal.

Our summer camp locations are away from city yet close to Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida making it a great venue for summer outings in kumaon hills close to nature, wildlife, river and mountains. We operate 06 days camps near Corbett Park, Ranikhet and Nainital. Please write us email for details on summer camp details...on corbettpark@gmail.com